The FXcommanderTM is designed to be a professional while intuitive control solution for SFX and Pyro engineer, it allows to control all DMX device such as SPARKULAR®, FLAMER, FOG, HAZE, CONFETTI etc. in a safe and professional way. Together with our original slaves it can also programming fireworks display wirelessly. Take advantage of the 10.1 inch capacitance touch screen and powerful software system, it allows FX operators edit a show in a few minutes, everything in the system are intuitively designed, no lighting console operation background needed. Large scale shows with special effects and fireworks can be sync with music precisely through our professional windows software FXcommanderTM_Editor. The FXcommanderTM is setting the safety standard for the special effects control.


 DIMENSION: 314×270×65mm
 WEIGHT: 4kg
 INPUT: AC 220V/110V, 50/60 Hz
 Casing material: Aluminium
 Battery Powered: Yes
 Wireless Function:2.4G wireless DMX Dual band wireless PYRO
 Interface: 1*USB, 1*USB Download, 1*LAN, 1* Audio Output, 1*MIDI IN, 1*LTC IN, 1* 3-PIN DMX OUT, 1*5-PIN DMX OUT, 1*External Trigger