Nightlife Supplies USA is proud to provide you with rental services of our high quality special effects equipment, promotional search lights, bounce houses, furniture, and more at an affordable price. From confetti machines, co2 cannons, flame machines, bubble machines, promotional search lights, throne chairs, and even large bottle presenters. We can provide you with almost any special effect unit or prop you need for your event without paying the high cost of owning one. You just simply choose the unit you want, pay the rental fee along with the refundable security deposit, add it to your cart, then the unit will be sent to you with a return shipping label(local deliveries doe snot apply).  Nightlife Supplies USA rents to all 50 states, some restrictions may apply depending on the location and the product you want to rent.

Our Rental program will help you get the results you need for your event or party at an affordable price. Nightlife Supplies USA takes every step to insure you receive a fully functional unit with instructions on how to use them. Rest assure though, that we are available to help if any issue is to present itself during your set up. Please reach out to us by phone during our regular business hours or by email if its after hours. We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible even during non working hours. If you like further details on how our rental program works please email us or call: 1-866-437-7557.

If you are interested any of our that are available for rental. Please email us or call 1-866-437-7557   

DISCLAIMER: Nightlife Supplies USA does not offer any installation services or coordinates any installation services. For promotional searchlights, bounce houses, and furniture. Instillation will be provided locally. All other items, Instructions will be provided and we are available if you have any questions. By making any rental purchases, you agree to these terms. We ask that if you are not clear on how to use a certain unit, DO NOT take it into your own hands to figure it out. You will be held liable if any equipment is broken. Please call us or email us your questions: 1-866-437-7557